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Jingle Cut Definition

tn lottery

A ‘jingle cut’ or simply ‘cut’ simply refers to different versions of the one jingle. For example, a jingle with sung vocals from start to finish is usually refereed to as a ‘full sing‘. Or to be more specific, depending on its length, it might be called a ’30 second full sing’ or a ’15 second full sing’.

There are quite a few different cuts that can be used effectively with any jingle. A top and tail for example, is a cut that has sung vocals at the start and end but no sung vocals in the middle (the middle bit without vocals is known as the music bed). This is used so that a spoken message (voice over) can be heard over the music bed while still maintaining the essence of the jingle by having sung vocals at the very start and very end.

A cut can also be referred to as an ‘edit’.

For more definitions, read the post jingle lingo, what does it all mean.

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