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Jingle Lingo, What Does It All Mean?

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There is a lot of (often confusing) terminology in the jingles world. It is often assumed that people outside of the industry know exactly what these terms mean. This can lead to confusion for the customer when shopping around for jingles, trying to figure out exactly what they are getting.

Below is a list of terms related to the jingle world that will hopefully clear up a few uncertainties that you may have. See the brief description next to each name or click on the link for more information.

  • Jingle Cut – A different edit of a jingle (for example, a shorter version of the main jingle)
  • Jingle Brief – A ‘questionnaire’ that you fill in to tell us exactly what you are looking for in your jingle.
  • Top and Tail – A version of a jingle that has sung lyrics at the start and end, but no lyrics in the middle.
  • Donut – This is the same thing as a Top and Tail
  • Music Bed – A section of a jingle where there are no sung vocals.
  • Instrumental – Similar to a Music Bed. It can also refer to a whole track without vocals.
  • Voice Over – A spoken message, usually heard over a music bed or instrumental.
  • Tail Only – A version of a jingle with sung vocals at the end only.
  • Top Only – A version of a jingle with sung vocals at the start only.
  • Full Sing – A jingle with sung vocals from start to finish.

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