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Traditional jingles generally fall into two different categories – name jingles and product jingles.

Name jingles:

With this type of jingle, the focus is on the name of the company, or business, or brand etc. For example, a business that sells party equipment (let’s call it Parties R Us) might sell a range of products, but the main focus of the jingle is on the name of the business (Paries R Us). While the lyrical content of the jingle might include products and services available, the main repetitive ‘hook’ would be centred around the name of the business. These type of jingles are great branding tools, especially when it is already very clear in the minds of listeners as to what the business does.

Product jingles:

Product jingles are the other type of jingles. With this type of jingle, the focus is on a particular product, rather than the actual name of the company or store(s) that sell the product. Obviously this is ideal for products which are being sold by a range of different vendors. For example, Apple might release a jingle for their range of iPads. The focus of the jingle in this case would be on the iPad, which is being sold by different stores around the world, and the purpose of the jingle would be to promote that one particular product. Of course, jingles for products aren’t limited to mass produced products. In our earlier example, Parties R Us might be selling a unique, exclusive product that they wish to advertise using a jingle that promotes that particular product.

Sometimes, the line between name jingles and product jingles can be a little blurry. If a company exists that produces only one product and the name of their business is derived from that one product or service that they sell, then a jingle for their name or product will pretty much be the same thing.


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