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Why Jingles Will Never Die

September 29th 2011

A good jingle lasts forever in your mind. Think about it, there are many jingles that you heard when you were a kid and can still remember even though you might not have heard it since then. But the art of the jingle itself, will it last forever? Does it have a shelf life? Will it survive in the modern age and beyond?

The answer is yes, of course.

From time to time, one can hear rumours and suggestions that the jingle is not once what it was, or that advertisers are moving to other mediums, such as liscenced songs by a popular artist. It’s true, many new mediums of advertising and promotion arise constantly, in the modern, digital age. But to understand the role jingles play in the bigger, you need to answer this basic question…

What is a jingle?

“a short slogan, verse, or tune designed to be easily remembered, esp. as used in advertising”

I would elaborate on this and say that a jingle is really a combination of 3 things:

1. Music
2. Brand (or product)
3. Placement


As humans, we are emotionally wired to relate to music. Music is becoming more and more accessible. We listen to music through headphones whenever it is convenient to us. Music is on our phones, our TVs, our computers, the internet, even our CD players! We love music and we always will. Music is constantly evolving and growing in scope, but this just presents more ways to listen to and produce it. It’s hard to imagine music dying out.


Branding is becoming more and more important in the competitive advertising space. There are more and more businesses, websites and advertising messages than ever and a business these days lives and dies by its ability to stand out from the rest and gain that identifiable unique edge. Brand is identity and so long as there are brands and products, there will be a need to advertise and establish identity.


For a jingle to stay alive, it’s needs to have a place to live. It needs a place to be heard. 30 years ago, radio and TV were really the only 2 mediums by which a jingle could be heard. Now, thanks to the internet and mobile technology, there are countless ways in which a jingle can be used effectively in an advertisement. Its uses are only limited to the creative powers of those in charge of its placement. As for the traditional TV and radio mediums, they are as strong and relevant as ever, with more and more stations and channels becoming available to an increasing number of people.

It is hard to imagine a time when music, brand and placement will not be a thriving force in our day to day lives. Jingles may take on different forms and styles but there will always be great brands worth promoting. There will always be great place to do it. And music will always be a great way to bring the message to life.

Jingle Licensing and Royalties – Duration, Regions and Mediums

March 21st 2011

If you have been looking into getting a jingle made, you have probably gathered a few quotes and have noticed that a lot of the quotes vary, depending on what license you are seeking. Put simply, some jingle companies charge you based on factors such as the regions or zones that you plan to use the jingle in (1 town, 2 towns, state, country…), the length of time that you want to use the jingle for (1 month, 1 year, 5 years etc.) and even what mediums you plan to use the jingle with (radio, television, internet etc.).

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Why Every Business Should Have Their Own Jingle

February 3rd 2011


Every business should own a jingle. A jingle brings the name or brand of a business to life with music. It is true that in today’s ever changing and fast paced society, there are more and more options and avenues to pursue from a business perspective. This can be overwhelming. The average customer is bombarded by literally thousands of advertising messages every day. Radio advertising is no longer the only place where a jingle can be effective. But that is in fact the reason why it is so important to stand out from the crowd and make the message that you are trying to send, stick in the minds of your customers.

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