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History at the SCG

January 11th 2012

2nd of January 2012 to 8th of January 2012

2012 was underway and summer was truly here
As temperatures around the country soured to welcome the new year

A hot air balloon ride in New Zealand had a very tragic end
When it burst into flames and killed all those on board in its descend

A Sydney man held hostage made a plea in the Philippines
Anti Whalers were held captive on a boat by japanese

Firefighters fought to control fires in the Southern State
Obama announced that military spending would abate

In cricket, history was made at the Sydney Cricket Ground
Michael Clarke’s triple ton sent the Aussies victory bound

Boxing Day to New Years Day

January 10th 2012

26th of December 2011 to 1st of January 2012

Boxing day started the week and shoppers hit the stores
Yachts took off from Sydney in a race to Hobart’s shores

Investec Loyal won the race, the closest one in years
A challenge from Wild Oats claimed that the win was not so clear

North Korea appointed Kim Jong-Un as the man in charge
At Kim John-Il’s funeral, a giant was looming large

A woman trapped inside her car was found after three days
She had tried to cut her leg off but she couldn’t find a way

In cricket, the Aussies played India in the famous boxing day test
Australia won quite easily, James Pattinson was the best

John Howard was appointed to the Order of Merit
Japan got some familiar scares when a few more earthquakes hit

The end of the week was the end of the year and fireworks were on show
2011 waved goodbye and a new year waved hello

Jingles All The Way

January 5th 2012

19th of December 2011 to 25th of December 2011

North Korea’s leader Kim Jong-il passed away
The communist dictator ruled his last oppressive day

An Indonesian boat sank and caused more border distress
The issue was a dire one that both parties had to address

Tasmania braced for cyclone Grant but it wasn’t all that bad
More earthquakes in New Zealand showed how much bad luck they’ve had

Bombs went of in Bagdad after US troops withdrew
Blasts in Syria caused massive devastation too

Prince Phillip had surgery, his heart needed a mend
All went very well for the Queen’s royal friend

The week ended with Christmas, such a joyous time of year
Families celebrated around the world with Christmas cheer

Shake That Front Bench, Julia

December 21st 2011

12th of December 2011 to 18th of December 2011

Gillard gave the government front bench a massive shake
Bill Shorten moved higher in rank, as deftly as a snake

Three men were found guilty of a Sydney terror plot
But for all their evil plans, time in jail is all they got

Molly Meldrum clung to life after a dreadful fall
Waves of support for the music legend were sent by all

More Australian banks stood in line to get sued
As sentiment about their fees was anything but subdued

A new inquest was announced into the Azaria Chamberlain case
Matthew Newton was alleged to have punched another face

American troops finally withdrew from Iraq
Nine years after a bloody war on which they did embark

The Kiwis had their first win in Australia for a while
Beating the Aussie test team in a most nail biting style

The Bali Boy Returns

December 21st 2011

5th of December 2011 to 11th of December 2011

The Australia Network rights were handed to the ABC
The government blamed information leaked for all to see

Matthew Johnson got life for killing the baby faced killer
The search for Malcolm Naden, the most wanted, was a thriller

The bali boy on drug charges was finally set free
And dodged the waiting media, very skilfully

A second rate cut in a row was good for Christmas cheer
As Aussies shopped for presents, with some less financial fear

The debate over the pokies laws went up another level
With Chris Riley and Tim Costello calling each other devil

Another shooting at Virginia Tech was more than horrible
Just four years after america’s worst took place at the same school

Tiger Woods scored his first win, in just over 2 years
Beckham’s LA galaxy beat victory to some cheers